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Some Articles

Japanese Statistics and Happiness Measurement (pdf)   2007,   Istanbul
   Second OECD World Forum : Measuring the Progress of Societies (OECD)
Adjustment for Financial Statements Statistics by Japanese Ministry of Finance (pdf)
   presentation   at 2007 ISI, Lisbon
Economic Statistics (pdf) (in International Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences)
   Cover, Highlights, Springer, (Economic Statistics: p. 11),   2010
Certification of statistical literacy by JSS (pdf), (abstract)   2011, Taipei
   7th IASC-ARS Joint Meeting (photo)
Quality Assessmentof Statistical Educationby Japan Statistical Society, (pdf),   2013, Macau SAR
   by Y. Yoshizoe, A. Takemura and S. Kawasaki, IASE/IAOS Joint Satellite Conference,